Professor Herb Hess






Students working for me on projects in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Idaho

Doctoral students

  • Kevin Buck
  • Edward J. William
  • Mark Laverty


Masters' Thesis Students

  • Erik Mentze
  • Prabal Upadhyaya
  • Brice Quirl
  • James Klein
  • Tracey Windley
  • Adam El-Mansouri
  • Nan Shi
  • Chinh Ho
  • Naveen K. Madavarapu



  • Vishu Gupta
  • Jennifer Founds
  • Sean Bradburn
  • Nicholas Summers
  • Paul Anderson
  • Jasper Nance
  • Shingis Madakhmetov
  • Maggie Richardson
  • Kamran Khan
  • Jeff King
  • Lucas Wells

Projects ( )

HUMVEE:  Johnathan Gossi, Shingis Madakhmetov, Even Penberthy, Edwin Anderson, Chris Hester, Katrina Leichliter

Cutthroat Submarine:  Christopher Byrne, John Finley, Doug Taylor

Idaho Power Company  Dennis Heightmann, Angelo Neglia and William Armstrong

Marine Corps Battery Charger:  Jeff King, Lucas Wells (independent study project)

Recent Graduates

Erik Mentze, The Stacked MOSFET:  A Self-Biased Scalable High-Voltage Switching Circuit For Application To Low-Voltage Nanometer Scale CMOS Technologies And Discrete Power Electronics (May 2007;  thesis complete)

Brian Augdahl, M.S., Protection Method for a Matrix Converter, December 2005

Murali Mohan Baggu, M.S., Thermal Modeling and Analysis of an Improved Cooling Topology for an Induction Motor, December 2005

Sri Lakshmi Nalla, M.S., Flyback Converter with Voltage Control Mode on Chip for Portable Applications, October 2005

Mahmoud Alahmad, Ph.D., Intelligent Power Management System, May 2005

Huadian Pan, M.S., Methods to Improve Total Dose Radiation Hardness in a DC/DC Boost Converter, May 2005

Jon Christophersen, M.S., Advanced Technology Development Program For Lithium-Ion Batteries: Effects Of Reference Performance Testing During Aging Using Commercial Cells, May 2005

Aruna Velpuri, M.S., Analysis of a Single Converter Simultaneously Controlling the Power Generated by a Three Phase Induction Machine and Producing a Single Phase Fixed Frequency Voltage, August 2003

Fadi N. Zghoul, M.S., An Integrated Pulse Charging circuit for Lithium Microscale Batteries, December 2003

Satish Samineni, M.S., Modeling and Analysis of a Flywheel Energy Storage System for Voltage Sag Correction, August 2003

Jonathan Stiff, M.S., High Voltage Analog Circuit Design in a 5V 0.8um Partially Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) CMOS Process, December 2003

Vinesh Sukumar, M.S., Design of a MOSFET Driven Switch Array System for Lithium Microscale Batteries in a 0.35mm Microwave Silicon-on-Insulator Process for Aerospace Applications, August 2003

Jonathan Dodge, M.S., Current Limit Model and Current Sensing for Continuous Conduction Switch Mode Power Converters , May 2001

B Mark Hirst, M.S., Flicker Reduction in Electrophotographic Printer and Xerographic Copier Fusing Systems, May 1999

Robert F Wall, M.S., Induction Generators as an Alternative for Automotive Generation, August 1998