Ancient Israel and Hebrew Books Overview-Timeline

All dates Before Common Era (BCE) unless otherwise noted.  The early dates, before 1000, are very rough estimations (c. means "around", as in "circumference")

A) Patriarchal period, c. 2000-1700 (Genesis 12-50)  (Abram/Abraham and his descendents; Isaac, Jacob/Israel etc.)

B) Period of national formation, c. 1700-1000 (Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, Judges)
    1. Sojourn in Egypt, c. 1700-1300

    2. Exodus from Egypt, c. 1300 (Moses)

    3. Sinai Covenant, c. 1280 (Moses given Ten Commandments)

    4. Conquest of Canaan, c. 1250-1200

    5. Tribal Confederacy, c. 1200-1020

C) Monarchy, 1020-587 (Samuel, Kings, Chronicles) (David, Solomon etc.)

1. Construction of the First Temple, by Solomon, c. 800 BCE (Destroyed in 586 BCE)

D) Exile In Babylon, 597-538. (Job)

E) Restoration and reconstruction, 538-63 (Ezra, Nehemiah).  Construction of Second Temple, beginning 516 BCE
    1. Under Persians, 538-332

    2. Under the Greeks, 332-167

    3. Independence, 167-63

    4. Under the Romans, from 63

F) Diaspora, 70 AD - 1948

    1. Destruction of Second Temple and Jews exiled throughout Roman Empire 70 AD

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