Innovative Design and Manufacturing Laboratory

PI: Dr. Amin Mirkouei

Research Funding

You can find the list of funded proposals here:

Funded Grant Proposals

  • As PI: "Engineered, Porous-Structured Biochar for Removing Phosphorus in Water: Production, Characterization, and Sustainable Treatment," United States Geological Survey (USGS) Section 104(b) grant, 2020.
  • As co-PI: "Biochar Meta-Analysis," Idaho State University, 2020.
  • As PI: "ORED RISE Spring 2019 Meet Your Sponsor (MYS) Grant Program," UI ORED, 2019.
  • As PI: "Advanced Conversion Processes and Characterization Approaches for Efficient Biofuel Production," CAES, 2019.
  • As Co-PI: "Developing Collaborative Partnerships Grant Competition for Manure-based Biochar Production and Sustainability Analysis: Soil-Plant Improvement," ISU, 2019.
  • As PI: "Upgrading Bio-oil to Biofuels by Ultrasonic Cavitation with Solvents," UI ORED EIS Grant, 2018.(link)
  • As Co-PI: "An Educational Module for Sustainable Additive Manufacturing," CACHE Corp. (NSF-funded Sustainable Manufacturing Advances in Research and Technology Coordination Network), 2016.


Past and Current Sponsors



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