Literacy Instruction in Mathematics and Science for Secondary Teachers

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Dr. Anne Adams, Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, teaches the elementary and secondary mathematics methods for preservice teachers. Dr. Adams has experience providing and evaluating professional development of mathematics teachers, including courses for the Idaho Mathematics Initiative. She is also an experienced secondary mathematics and science teacher.

Dr. Jerine Pegg, co-Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor of Science Education, has extensive experience with providing and conducting research on professional development for secondary science teachers. Dr. Pegg is also a former middle school science and mathematics teacher.

Dr. Rodney McConnell, co-Principal Investigator
, Assistant Professor of Secondary Language Arts, is a former high s
chool language arts teacher who has professional development experience through his work in a Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant. Dr. McConnell teaches secondary language arts education and content area literacy.

Dr. Rob Ely, co-Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education in the Department of Mathematics.His research focuses on the relationship between historical student conceptions in mathematics. He also focuses on fostering productive discourse and argumentation through rich mathematical tasks for the professional development of teachers. His role in the LIMSST project will focus on the development of workshop activities that illustrate how students' mathematical reasoning develops and is made more explicit through the use of literacy strategies.

Dr. Jennifer Pollard, Chemist and Science Educator, is a former high school chemistry and science teacher and has been a science specialist in two science and literacy projects in elementary schools (2006-present). She has developed and implemented high quality science educational activities for K-12 teachers, focusing on writing to learn in science notebooks and scientific reasoning, and provided ongoing support to secondary and elementary teachers.

Dr. Kristin Simokat
, Biology Instructor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Idaho. She teaches biology courses for majors and nonmajors. She has extensive experience in secondary science outreach and the use of technology to improve science teaching and learning in large introductory college classes.  

Ms. Cynthia Piez,
Mathematics Instructor, Department of Mathematics, University of Idaho.  She teaches mathematics content courses for students preparing to be teachers of math. She also has extensive experience in using technology to improve mathematics teaching and learning. She is currently completing a Ph. D. in mathematics education at Penn State University.