Literacy Instruction in Mathematics and Science for Secondary Teachers
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Teacher Resources:

Literacy Strategy Handouts A collection of descriptions of the literacy strategies used in our project.  May include teacher generated examples of lessons using these strategies.
Wommack Science Notebooks Two science notebook files: Interactive Science Notebook
                                           Science Notebook Grade Sheet
Cooperative Scoring Sheet Grading sheet for group projects. Thanks, Sheila!
Math Lessons A collection of teacher created math lessons using literacy strategies which are sorted by subject area.
Math Motivation Contains lesson plans that connects to real life scenarios.
Science Lessons A collection of teacher created science lessons using literacy strategies which are sorted by subject area.
Lessons by Strategy  A selection of teacher created lessons sorted by literacy strategy.
Retention and Reading Article NY Times article discussing research developments in reading and student retention.
Books to Loan Books available for check-out by LIMSST participants.
Moodle Web link for LIMSST Participants only
Idaho Math Standards Link to Idaho Math Standards
Idaho Science Standards Link to Idaho Science Standards
National Math Standards Link to National Math Standards.
National Science Standards Link to National Science Standards
Favorite Web Links Web Links pertaining to Literacy in Math and Science and Teacher favorite links.
Lesson Plan Template Template for submitting lesson plans for LIMSST
Science Notebook Guide Student guide for the "Science Notebook" format
Geometer's Sketchpad Resources A collection of files used for Geometer's Sketchpad
Geometer's Sketchpad Link to download a limited copy of Geometer's Sketchpad