Spring 2023

Principal Investigator

Rajal G. Cohen, Ph.D.

My research uses tools and concepts from cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and kinesiology to inform and inspire questions about posture and voluntary movement - in healthy young adults as well as in the context of Parkinson's disease, aging, and musculoskeletal pain. Recently we have looked at which cognitive factors are associated with postural alignment and gait in healthy older adults, at how postural tone affects neck pain, and at how biofeedback may cause a tradeoff between postural alignment and computer task performance. We are also involved in some multi-site intervention studies and neuroimaging studies. Click here to view my ResearchGate profile, here to view my Google Scholar citations, here to view a list of my peer-reviewed publication list on PubMed, and here to view my University of Idaho profile.

Graduate Students

Grant Billings B.A.

Grant graduated from The College of Idaho with a BA in Psychology with minors in business, biology, and Spanish. He completed his MS in Human Factors and is now is pursuing his PhD at the University of Idaho, with a focus on judgement and decision making. In the Mind in Movement Lab, he is leading a project investigating how cognition and posture are interrelated.


Marissa Bershaw
Pepper Brisset
Celeste Condie
Audrey Covill
Michaela Green
Alison Lolley
Colby Hillend
Sasha Bartley-Peck
Ava Lekawa

Collaborators (alphabetical)

Tim Cacciatore (Neuroscience; Alexander Technique) - University College London
Shawn Copeland (Music, Alexander Technique) - University of Idaho
Monika Gross (Alexander Technique) - The Poise Project
Fay Horak (PT, Physiology) - Oregon Health & Science University
Helen Huang (EEG) - University of Central Florida
Mollly Johnson (Kinesiology; Alexander Technique) - Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas
Patrick Johnson (Physics; Alexander Technique) - Amsterdam
Tara McIsaac (Physical Therapy) - Arizona School of Health Sciences
Gabriella Minnes-Brandes (Education, Alexander Technique) - University of British Columbia
Joel Perry (Mechanical Engineering) - University of Idaho
Robert Rinker (Computer Science) - University of Idaho
Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe (Clinical Psychology) - Washington State University
Anita Vasavada (Bioengineering) - Washington State University
Eric Wolbrecht (Mechanical Engineering) - University of Idaho

Alumni (chronological)

Justin Davich
Ryan Seymore
Tyler Farmer
Johanna Hoecketstaller
Amelia Warden (MS)
Erin Morrissey (MS)
Britany Smith
Isabella Orr
Abigail Villeneuve
Kennedy Woods
Yadira Zuniga
Addison Johnson
Brittanee West
Emily Botterbusch
Jordan Becker
Dean Cisco
Wilson Trusty
Dan Kral (MS)
Alena Belland
Rebecca Dykes
Hannah Elfering
Jennifer Magana
Teresa Moote
Skylar Soelberg
Wenjun Zhi
Molly Crager (MS)
Ramyaa Ravichandra (MS)
Brendan Smith
Malori Basye
Mary McGinnis (MS)
Jacquelyn Holton
Bryce Bilderback
Aubri Achabal
Claire Wallace
J'aime Bellingham (MS)
Jason Baer (PhD)
Caden Benzinger
Emma Welch
Jared Grieb
McKenzie Ahrnsbrak
Stephanie Lazaro
Emma Griewe
Riley Hayes
Teagan Riley
Caden Cramer
Katherine Blomgren

Participate in Studies

We conduct studies with human participants. Most of the studies take place in a single session that lasts anywhere between one and two hours. During the school year, students may sign up to participate through the University of Idaho's SONA system. We also conduct studies with healthy older adults, with people experiencing musculoskeletal pain, and with people with Parkinson's disease. Please send us an email if you would like to be invited to participate in a study.


Assist with Research

We accept new undergraduate research assistants almost every year. Preference is given to sophomores, to students with a strong GPA, and to students who have done well in Psych 218. Interest in our research is also a plus! A one-year commitment is requested. We have an opening for a highly motivated graduate student (M.S. or Ph.D.) in either neuroscience or psychology. Please direct your inquiries to Dr. Cohen.