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ANSYS Introduction to Fluid dynamics and CFD
Laminar Pipe Flow
Flat Plate Boundary Layer
Steady Flow past a Cylinder
Unsteady Flow past a Cylinder
Flow over an Airfoil
EES EES Tutorials
GTSuite Cannot be shared via website: Follow the file path below (on-campus)
S:\Engineering\SeniorDesign\- Group Folders\CSC\2018\!Two Stroke Smoke\GT Suite Tutorial\Tutorials\!Tutorial Documents
Mastercam X7 Tutorial
Matlab Matlab Tutorials
Solidworks Follow Tutorials 1 and 2                     
TKSolver TKSolver Tutorials
Uniplot Update later
Windyn Update later


Contact Information
Team Captains Cade Smith
  Jason Maas
Ian Sullivan
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Competition Rules and Papers
Rules 2018 CSC Rules IC Class
  2017 CSC Rules IC Class
  2016 CSC Rules IC Class
Team Papers 2018 UICSC Team Design Paper
  2017 UICSC Team Design Paper
  2016 UICSC Team Design Paper
  2015 UICSC Team Design Paper
  2014 UICSC Team Design Paper
  2013 UICSC Team Design Paper