Alumni Theses

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Bradbury, Nathan 2006 Retrofitting Direct-Injection and Turbocharging a Two-Stroke Engine Bradbury Thesis
Britanyak, Peter 2010 Synchronous Charge Trapping (SCT) Modifications of a Two-Strok Britanyak Thesis
Christensen, Victor 2010 Design and Validation of a Low Cost, Partial Flow Dilution Tunnel Christensen Thesis
Findlay, Andy 2007 Comparison of Exhaust Emissions from an SCT and a Rotax E-TEC engine Findlay Thesis
Furhman, Alex (Topper) 2013 Brake Specific Fuel Consumption and Power Disadvantages from Turbocharging a DI engine Furhman Thesis
Harker, Nicholas 2009 System Design and Performance of Blended Gasoline/Ethanol fuel on SDI and DI Two-Stroke Engines Harker Thesis
Hooper, Andrew 2013 Comparison of SCT and Variable Exhaust Valves in a Two-Stroke Engine Hooper Thesis
Johnson, Justin 2007 Stratified and Homogeneous Charge in a Two-Stroke Engine Johnson Thesis
Tockey, Chris 2010 Computer Modeling a Two-Stroke GDI with in-Cylinder Pressure Data Tockey Thesis
Welch, Austin 2012 Performance and Emissions Analysis of an SCT Two-Stroke Engine Welch Thesis
Wilson, J. Parley 2011 Effects of Water Injection and Increased Compression Ratio in a Gasoline SI Engine Wilson Thesis