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The Arduino is an open-source microcontroller that has become quite popular in the past several years. It is very affordable, and has a large support network of open source code for a variety of common programming needs. The Arduino has made moderate-power microcontrollers accessible to a huge variety of users - even those with a student-sized budget.


Learning Modules and Sample Programs

Topic Quick Reference Sample Program
General References    
    Arduino Website Link  
    Arduino Playground (wiki) Link  
    Recommended Resources (from ME223) PPT  
    Getting Started Comic PDF  
    Downloading/Installing the Software Link  
    Smartphone Bluetooth Integration (Annikken Andee)  Link  
Tutorial Sites    
    CourseWare - arduino resources for educational institutions Link  
    Arduino Tutorial - six introductory lessons  Link  
    tronixstuff - more than fifty arduino tutorials Link  
    EarthShine Electronics "Complete Beginners Guide"  Google Docs  
    YouTube tutorial series by Jeremy Blum  sciguy14