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Hardware and Artifacts:

Tangible objects are helpful in learning and designing mechanical systems.  They help in the illustration of component performance. In the MindWorks there are many components that should provide insight in engineering design. A few of these are detailed below.  Each is transportable to different meeting locations.


Bolt and Pin Tolerances

This is a piece that aids students in learning about the importance of dimensions and tolerancing. It has different clearances for pins and bolted connections, and shows how pins can be used to align parts instead of fasteners doing the alignment.

Six Degree of Freedom Machine

This artifact is a fixture that allows six degrees of motion, but constrains all the other motion. It is a piece that is designed to help students think about unique methods of spatial freedom and constraint. 

Bearing Samples

There are many types of linear bearings.  Here are a sample of three different types that may be used.  When designing it can be illustrated the different options that can be used.