Posters by Chapter Optimum Machine Design

Machine Design:


On the walls of MindWorks there are quick references that take the form of posters.  Each poster is thematically organized.  The pertinent equations that govern that theme are also found.  With the use of math models results are interpreted.  Tables and graphs are also on these posters for component sizing.  Below are copies of these posters.

Chapter Poster Name PDF MS Office


2 Moment of Inertia .pdf .doc  
2-2 Mohr's Moment of Inertia .pdf .ppt .pdf            .doc
2-10 Bending .pdf .ppt .pdf             .doc
2-14 Torsion .pdf .ppt  
3-3 Flexures .pdf .ppt .pdf            .doc
5 Material Selection .pdf .ppt .pdf            .doc
5 Surface Finish .pdf .ppt  
6-3 Failure Theories .pdf .ppt .pdf            .doc
7 Combined Fatigue Loading .pdf .ppt .pdf            .doc
8 ARP Bolt Fatigue .pdf .ppt .pdf             .doc
8 Bolt Selection .pdf .ppt  
9 Weld     .pdf            .doc
10 Springs .pdf .ppt  
11-12 Bearing Selection .pdf .ppt  
13-13 Multi Stage Gear Trains .pdf    
13-13 Planetary Gears .pdf .ppt .pdf
15 Beveled Gears .pdf .ppt .pdf             .doc
18 Shaft Design .pdf .ppt  
Other Bushing Jam .pdf .ppt .pdf            .doc
Other Motor Selection Guide   .ppt  
Other Peening Poster .pdf .ppt  
Other Steel: High Speed vs. Carbide .pdf .ppt