ME 433
Internal Combustion Engine Systems

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Theory and characteristics of combustion engines; combustion process analysis; fuels, exhaust emissions and controls; system analysis and modeling. Prereq: ME 345 or permission.

Schedule/Topics Activities/Handouts Assignments
Before June 15th

Steve Beyerlein
Course Overview
Homework #0 Overview

Problem Solving Rubric
Homework Example hand solution
Homework Example computer solution
(due midnight June 16th)
Week of June 15th
Thermodynamics Review

Thermodynamic Properties
Equations of State
1st & 2nd Laws
Process Diagrams
Cycle Performance Analysis
Reaction Chemistry
Homework #1 Overview
Wk1 Study Guide
Polytropic Relations
Caloric Equation of State
Laws of Thermodynamics
Carnot Devices
Isentropic Efficiency
Balancing Chemical Reactions

ACTIVITY Visualizing Processes
ACTIVTY Diagramming Cycles
ACTIVITY Cycle Performance
ACTIVITY Ethanol Combustion

(due midnight June 22th)
Week of June 22th
Engine Types

SI vs CI Engines
EES Software
Air Standard Cycle Models
         - Otto Cycle
         - Diesel Cycle
         - Dual Cycle
Mean Effective Pressure (MEP)
Intake and Exhaust Processes
Engine Components
Homework #2 Overview
SI Engines
CI Engines
Otto Cycle Modeling
Otto Cycle/Ideal Gas
Otto Cycle/Real Gas
Diesel Cycle Modeling
Dual Cycle Modeling
Dual Cycle/Real Gas
MEP Modeling
Gas Exchange Processes

ACTIVITY Engine Types
ACTIVITY Engine Lab Tour

HW #2
(due midnight June 29th)

Read Heywood Chapt 1



Week of June 29th
Engine Design and
Performances Parameters
mean piston speed
imep, bmep, fmep
arbitrary efficiency
thermal efficiency
mechanical efficiency
brake power
brake torque
brake specific
fuel consumption
brake specific emissions
Homework #3 overview

Performance Parameters
Derivation of Long Equations
Relationship Between Parameters
Performance Modeling Example
Typical Values for Parameters

ACTIVITY Interpreting BSFC Maps
ACTIVITY Engine Sizing

HW #3
(due midnight July 6th)

Read Heywood Chapter 2

Read Selected Sections
of Heywood Chapter 15
Week of July 6th
Vehicle Modeling
Road Load Power
Literature Review Project
Engine Testing
Gear Shifting
Dragstrip Modeling
Vehicle Modeling
Homework #4 Overview

Road Load Calculations
Technical Paper Tips
Sample Technical Paper
YZ250 Engine Test Data
YZ250 BSFC Map
Motorcycle Gear Shifting
Motocross Engine Design & Simulation

ACTIVITY - Acceleration Modeling

HW #4
(due midnight July 14th)

Week of July 13th

Equivalence Ratio
Excess Air Coefficient
Reaction Balancing
Heat of Reaction
Adiabatic Combustion

Reaction Balancing Notes
Forward Balancing (w/EES)
Reverse Balancing (w/EES)
Heat of Reaction
Adiabatic Combustion
CO Combustion w/O2
CO Combustion w/Air

ACTIVITY - Calculating Heat of Reaction

HW #5
(due midnight July 21th)

Read Heywood Chapt 3
Week of July 20th
Reaction Equlibrium
Chemical Equilibrium
Types of Reactions
Equilibrium Constants
EES Equilibrium Software
Rich Mixture Equations
Chemical Kinetics
Emissions Lab Tour
Brake Specific Emissions
Premixed Combustion

Wk6 Study Questions
Chemical Equilibrium
EES Equilibrium Calcs
Rich Mixture
Chemical Kinetics
800cc Rotax Data
Engine Test Cell
BS Emissions Eqns
BS Emissions Results
Premixed Combustion

ACTIVITY - Finding Extent of Reaction
ACTIVITY - Engine Energy Balance

HW #6
(due midnight July 28th)

SAE Template

Browse Heywood Chapt 9 & 10
Week of July 27th
Engine Modeling
SI Engine Combustion
CI Engine Combustion
Heat Release Analysis
2-Zone Engine Model

SI Engine Combustion
CI Engine Combustion
Heat Release Analysis
2-Zone Engine Model PT1
2-Zone Engine Model PT2

ACTIVITY - Cylinder Pressure Modeling
ACTIVITY - Spark Optimization Timing

HW #7
(due midnight August 4th)

Browse Heywood Chapt 9, 10 & 15
Week of Aug 2nd
Project work

Virtual Meetings Mon
8/3 & Wed 8/5 @6pm
(Q/A on HMWK #7, Presentations, and Papers)

PPT Presentations Thursday
8/6 @1:30-3:00 pm or @ 6:00=7:30 pm
(email to sign up for a 10 min timeslot)

PPT Presentation and self assessment w/rubric
(due 11:45pm Aug 6th)

Post Paper and self assessment w/rubric
(due11:45pm Aug 9th)