What Is MtnSEON?

The Mountain Social Ecological Observatory Network (MtnSEON) combines multiple sources of knowledge on how processes function within and between ecosystem and socioeconomic elements of complex mountain landscapes in order to improve social and ecological resilience and sustainability. Our initial focus has been on establishing working groups to explore these social-ecological systems (SES) processes in the Northern Rockies region and neighboring areas. Our initial study region encompasses Idaho, eastern Washington, western Montana, northeastern Oregon, western Wyoming, and north into the Canadian Rockies. Most of our active working groups are described on the “Working Groups” page.

MtnSEON is led by an Executive Management Team, and is further comprised of a Leadership Team (Co-PIs and Senior Scientists), an external advisory board, and tribal, stakeholder, NGO, and state and federal agency representatives. Scientists and managers from the US and abroad with interests in mountain systems sustainability and resilience are invited to collaborate in the ongoing networking process. For more information, see the “People” and “Contacts” tabs in the “About” section of our website.

Upcoming MtnSEON Events:

The MtnSEON Leadership Team will be presenting a Special Issue on "Social-Ecological Systems in Complex Mountain Landscapes" in a peer-reviewed journal in Fall 2016. The 4th Annual Meeting will be held at the University of Idaho September 28-30, 2016. More information from the Executive Team, including an Agenda, soon!