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Brief Intro about NSA

The purpose of this organization is to provide a forum for the Nepali students at the University of Idaho, and to conserve and exchange Nepali culture with the diversified community of the University of Idaho

Nepali Student Association (NSA) at the University of Idaho was established in 2001. Objective of the association was to share uniquely rich Nepalese culture with local community and to provide homely environment for students from Nepal.

NSA has provided a homely environment for Nepali students through various key cultural activities such as "Dashain" and "Tihar", the two most important festivals. NSA organizes welcomes, farewells, and get-together as a way of enjoyment. NSA also organizes one annual summer picnic to provide its member a unique opportunity to appreciate rich outdoors of Idaho.

NSA is an indispensable part of ASUI activities such as "Cruise the World". NSA has been putting up its grand cultural show "Taste of Nepal", a cultural/dinner program highlighting Nepalese culture and serving traditional food. The show brings over 400 audiences every year from all over Pacific Northwest and beyond. NSA, in the past, has donated money to incidents such as Hurricane Katrina, Tsunami in East Asia, and earth quack in Haiti. NSA has also provided supports to poor children from South Asia for their education.

NSA is thankful for continual support from local community and ASUI to help achieve its goal.