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Xia, M., A. F. Talhelm, and K. S. Pregitzer 2017 Long-Term Simulated Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition Alters Leaf and Fine Root Decomposition. Ecosystems, doi:10.1007/s10021-017-0130-3
Xia, M., A. F. Talhelm, and K. S. Pregitzer 2017 Chronic nitrogen deposition influences the chemical dynamics of leaf litter and fine roots during decomposition. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 112: 24-34
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M. Luke McCormack, Ian A. Dickie, David M. Eissenstat, Timothy J. Fahey, Christopher W. Fernandez, Dali Guo, Helj€a-Sisko Helmisaari, Erik A. Hobbie, Colleen M. Iversen, Robert B. Jackson, Jaana Leppalammi-Kujansuu, Richard J. Norby, Richard P. Phillips, Kurt S. Pregitzer, Seth G. Pritchard, Boris Rewald and Marcin Zadworny 2015 Redefining fine roots improves understanding of below-ground contributions to terrestrial biosphere processes
Xia, M., A.F. Talhelm, and K.S. Pregitzer 2015 Fine roots are the dominant source of recalcitrant plant litter in sugar maple-dominated northern hardwood forests
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Hesse, C.N., R.C. Mueller, M. Vuyisich, L.V. Gallegos-Graves, C.D. Gleasner, D.R. Zak, and C. R. Kuske 2015 Forest floor community metatranscriptomes identify fungal and bacterial responses to N deposition in two maple forests
Freedman, Z., and D.R. Zak 2015 Soil Bacterial Communities are Shaped by Temporal and Environmental Filtering: Evidence from a Long‐Term Chronosequence
Freedman, Z., and D.R. Zak 2014 Atmospheric N Deposition Increases Bacterial Laccase-Like Multicopper Oxidases: Implications for Organic Matter Decay
Gan, H., D.R. Zak, and M.D. Hunter 2014 Trophic stability of soil oribatid mites in the face of environmental change. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 68: 71-77
Zak, D.R. 2014 Ecosystem Succession and Nutrient Retention: Vitousek and Reiners' Hypothesis
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Gan, H., D.R. Zak, and M.D. Hunter 2013 Chronic nitrogen deposition alters the structure and function of detrital food webs in a northern hardwood ecosystem
Talhelm, A.F., A.J. Burton, K.S. Pregitzer, and M.A. Campione 2013 Chronic nitrogen deposition reduces the abundance of dominant forest understory and groundcover species
Eisenlord, S.D., Z. Freedman, D.R. Zak, K. Xue, Z. He, and J. Zhou 2013 Microbial mechanisms mediating increased soil C storage under elevated atmospheric N deposition
Pregitzer, K.S., and A.F. Talhelm 2012 Nitrogen saturation (in Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, Volume 5)
Templer, P.H., et al. 2012 Sinks for nitrogen inputs in terrestrial ecosystems: a meta-analysis of 15N tracer field studies
Eisenlord, S.D., D.R. Zak, and R.A. Upchurch 2012 Dispersal limitation and the assembly of soil Actinobacteria communities in a long-term chronosequence
Thomas, D.C., D.R. Zak, and T.R. Filley 2012 Chronic N Deposition Does Not Apparently Alter the Biochemical Composition of Forest Floor and Soil Organic Matter
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Obrist, D., et al. 2011 Mercury distribution across 14 U.S. forests. Part I: Spatial patterns of concentrations in biomass, litter, and soils
Edwards, I.P., D.R. Zak, H. Kellner, S.D. Eisenlord, and K.S. Pregitzer 2011 Simulated atmospheric N deposition alters fungal community composition and suppresses ligninolytic gene expression in a northern hardwood forest
Talhelm, A.F., K.S. Pregitzer, and A.J. Burton 2011 No evidence that chronic nitrogen additions increase photosynthesis in mature sugar maple forests
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van Diepen, L.T.A., E.A. Lilleskov, and K.S. Pregitzer 2011 Simulated nitrogen deposition affects community structure of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in northern hardwood forests
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van Diepen, L.T.A., E.A. Lilleskov, K.S. Pregitzer, and R.M. Miller 2010 Simulated nitrogen deposition causes a decline of intra- and extraradical abundance of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and changes in microbial community structure in northern hardwood forests
Eisenlord, S.D., and D.R. Zak 2010 Chronic simulated atmospheric N deposition alters actinobacterial community composition in forest floor and surface soil
Kellner, H., D.R. Zak, and M. Vandenbol. 2010 Fungi unearthed: transcripts encoding lignocellulolytic and chitinolyic enzymes in forest soil.

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