Research in the Parent lab centers on the evolutionary process of diversification in lineages exposed to novel environment.

Our general research approach is to:

  1. (1) observe present-day patterns of biodiversity to infer past evolutionary processes, and

  1. (2) test those processes with manipulative experiments in laboratory populations.

We use field observations, comparative analyses, laboratory experiments, molecular phylogenetics, and integrate them with theoretical modeling. Island systems (natural or experimental) are often the main focus of our research attention.

Have a look around our website and send us an email if you are interested in knowing more about what we do. You can also see photos of field work and sites here.


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Parent Lab

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Idaho

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Join the Parent Lab!

The Parent Lab has been growing lately, and we are looking for one additional postdoctoral fellow to join us to work on the multi-level dynamics of viral co-infection in fruit flies (read more about the project under section 2 on the Research page). Email me for more information about this position or apply here.

We are also looking for a highly motivated undergraduate student to help with molecular work in the lab. If you have some experience with DNA extraction and amplification and you would like to join a very dynamic group of researcher, please send me an email!