Chem 254 Quantitative Analysis Laboratory Syllabus Fall Semester 2017


Instructor: Dr. Peter Allen, 208-885-5807

Office: Renfrew Hall001, Office Hours: M&W 2:30-4:30 or by appointment, you are welcome to stop by any time, I may be available.

TA's and Ren 049 hours: TBA

Objectives: This laboratory will introduce you to the skills required for accurate and precise scientific measurements. All of science rests upon the reproducibility of measurements.


Lab Manual: Please see the links below.


Required Materials:

Padlock:            One key or combination padlock with up to 3/8 inch diameter shank.

Goggles:           It is Chemistry Department policy that safety goggles MUST be worn at all times in the laboratory or while handling chemicals. Only departmentally approved safety goggles will be permitted in the laboratory. You can buy these goggles from Chem Stores (REN 23).


Safety Issues: Open-toed shoes or sandals, shorts, or short skirts may not be worn in the laboratory. Pants/skirts should reach to the ankles. Students who are not appropriately dressed for lab will be sent home to change. You must wear goggles at all times.  Failure to do so will result in immediate expulsion from the lab and you will receive a grade of F for that lab.

Lab Techniques: In the lab you will often be given a sample to analyze. You will be asked to determine the exact concentration of one of the components of this sample to an accuracy of 1 part per thousand (ppt). To complete the analysis and obtain accurate results you will need to carefully follow the lab procedures and TAs instructions. The techniques that you have been taught in high school or in general chemistry may not be appropriate for this class, so be sure to listen to your TA and read about lab techniques in the textbook.

Balances and Weighing: The balances you will use are accurate to 0.1 mg, provided that they are level and not abused. See your TA if you have any reason to believe that there is anything wrong with the balance you are using or if you find spilled chemicals in the balance room. Keep the balances clean. If you are caught abusing the balances you will receive a grade of F for that lab. You will be assigned a balance to use through this course. You will share this balance with other assigned students. The TA will inspect this balance at the end of lab. If it is not clean all students assigned to this particular balance will have 20% deducted from their lab grade. It is not the job of the TA to keep the balances clean. It is your duty.

Preparing for Lab: Read the lab manual carefully before the lab. Also read the sections of your text that discuss the theories and concepts covered by the experiment. Prepare for the lab by writing (in your lab notebook): 1) the objective of the experiment, 2) safety considerations, and 3) an outline of the experimental procedures, including materials needed to perform the experiment.

Persons arriving more than 20 minutes late to lab will not be allowed to complete the lab on that day. Labs are scheduled for three hours. There will be no allowances for extra time. Itis imperative that you come prepared so that you can complete the lab in a timely manner.

Quizzes: A quiz will be given on first day of every new experiment, including Experiment 1.The quiz will be based on material from the lab manual, including the prelab questions/calculations, and will take ~10 minutes. Students who arrive late for this quiz will be given a grade of zero. No makeup quizzes will be given.

Lab Reports: Each written lab is due one week after the completion of the experiment. No late labs will be accepted. The lab report must be typed. If more than two lab reports are not turned in, then a grade of F will be assigned for the entire course. Lab reports are graded on accuracy, precision, and answers to questions (if included), among other things. Not all experiments will be graded in the same way. Your TA will provide more specifics on grading and lab reports.

 Makeup Labs: Makeup labs are only allowed for excused absences. An excused absence is defined by University of Idaho policy as a) an approved field trip or other official UI activity; b) confinement under doctor's orders; c) call to military duty; or d) leave of absence granted by student's academic dean. Students must contact the Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator (Dr. Yuwei Kan, REN 229, in order to schedule a makeup lab. In the case of University excused athletic events and field trips, arrangements must be made a week prior to the absence. In the case of sudden severe illnesses, notify the Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator as soon as you realize that you are too ill to attend lab. Bring in a note from your doctor stating that you were too ill to attend lab as soon as you are back in classes. In all cases, make-up labs must be completed within two weeks of the regularly scheduled lab session and prior to check-out day, whichever comes first.

Lab Exams -30 minute exams will be administered on the assigned dates. The content will reflect the material of the experiments. The exams are 10% of the course grade.

Your Teaching Assistant: Each section has a different TA. If you have any questions on any material, please see him/her during office hours in REN 049. If you cant make it to your TAs office hours, try to see one of the other Chem 254 TAs during his/her office hours.


Week 1: No lab

Week 2: No lab

Week 3: Introduction to Quantitative Analysis; lab safety; check in; clean glassware

Week 4: Experiment 1: Introduction to the Analytical Balance and Volumetric Glassware

Week 5: Experiment 2 Sampling in Analytical Chemistry

Week 6: Experiment 3: Preparation of a Standard Sodium Hydroxide Solution, Determining the Endpoint.

Week 7: Experiment 4: Potentiometric Analysis of Acid in Soft Drinks

Week 8: Tuesday Exp 4 cont.; Thursday - Lab Exam (Exp. 1-4)

Week 9: Experiment 7: EDTA Determination of Total Water Hardness

Week 10: Experiment 8: Determination of Vitamin C in a Tablet Endpoint Colors

Week 11: Experiment 9: Ion Selective Electrode

Week 12: Experiment 10: Spectrophotometric Determination of Iron in Water

Week 13: Experiment 11: Gas Chromatography

Week 14: Thanksgiving Break

Week 15: Lab Exam

Week 16: Check out

Jan. 31 - Feb. 4