Welcome to the Lab of

Dr. Michael C. Quist!

My research program focuses on answering questions related to the management and conservation of aquatic systems. The impetus for my research emerges from issues and concerns related to native fish conservation and sport fisheries management. Consequently, I frame my research questions and approaches in a manner that has relevance to the general scientific community and natural resource managers. Although I have interests in all aspects of applied fisheries ecology, I have several focal research areas (see below). Similar to my research program, my teaching program is also diverse and includes a mix of basic and applied ecology. On this website, you can find information on my research program, past and current graduate students, my teaching interests and expertise, expectations of incoming graduate students, and some information on my personal interests. If you have any questions, want to visit about my research, or are interested in working in my lab, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What We Study

  • Management of recreational and commercial fisheries
  • Fish assemblage structure and native species conservation
  • Development and evaluation of management tools and techniques
  • Age and growth of fishes

Curriculum Vitae

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