Richard J Nielsen

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Course material for my current courses is available through Canvas. Old course syllabi are available below.

 I have been involved in a variety of research projects with the Idaho Transportation Department including:

I also have interests in structural dynamics and random vibrations, specifically up-crossing rates, which led to my membership on ASCE's Fatigue and Fracture Reliability Subcommittee. I have also investigated particle interactions in granular materials.

You may have reached me through the UI Home Page, the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, or through the Engineering Outreach web pages.

If you would like to send me e-mail, my address is . Surface mail can be sent to Richard Nielsen, Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Idaho, 875 Perimeter Drive MS 1022, Moscow, ID 83844-1022.

I can be reached by phone at (208) 885-8961. Engineering Outreach students can call 1-800-824-2889 ext. 8961. Faxes can be sent to (208) 885-6608.

Or you can come to my office in 106 BEL during office hours.

This is a list of classes I've taught in the past. The class notes are now provided through BBLearn, but the old syllabi might be useful.

CE 115 - Introduction to Civil Engineering.

CE 215 - Civil Engineering Analysis and Design Introduces students to the engineering design process, while using a variety of analytical and graphical and communication tools.

CE 342 - Theory of Structures, Deals with the analysis of forces and displacements in determinate and indeterminate structures such as beams, frames and trusses subjected to a variety of loads such as live and dead loads, snow, vehicles, thermal effects and foundation settlement.

CE 441 - Reinforced Concrete Design.  Strength design method in accordance with latest ACI code.

CE 444 - Steel Design, Structural steel design using latest AISC specifications.

CE 445/545 - Matrix Analysis of Framed Structures - Stiffness method of matrix structural analysis which is the basis for most structural analysis computer programs.

CE 541/ME 583 - Reliability of Engineering Systems - Examines the role of reliability in the design, operation and maintenance of engineering components and systems.

CE 542 Advanced Design of Steel Structures, Design of steel connections, plastic design of frames, design of plate girders and curved beams.

CE 543 - Dynamics of Structures Examines the behavior of structures subjected to harmonic, impulse, blast and seismic loads.

CE 546/ME 549 - Finite Element Analysis - Finite elements as a tool for the analysis of stress and strain, thermodynamics and fluid flow.

ENGR 210 - Engineering Statics - Analysis of forces and moments in determinate systems.

ENGR 350 - Mechanics of Materials - which deals with the analysis of stress, strain, stiffness and stability of mechanical and structural elements.