This web site, now in its 11th year, was created for collectors, shooters, and fans of the venerable Enfield rifle, a rifle which--in its various forms--has seen duty for over 150 years as a main battle rifle, a home guard and constabulary weapon, a competition target rifle, and a major game-getter on five continents. These pages have a fivefold purpose:

  1. to outline the history and development of Enfield rifles,
  2. to publish articles of interest to Enfield collectors,
  3. to list reliable sources for Enfield rifles and parts,
  4. to allow readers to ask questions of Enfield experts, and
  5. to provide links to other Enfield-related web sites.
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Enfield Reference Books
These are the most comprehensive part-by-part breakdowns of Enfield rifles available--and the price is right! Designed for the collector, shooter, and restorer of British Enfield Rifles. Personalized autograph by the author. Click on a cover below for more information on contents and for instructions for ordering:

History of Enfield Rifles
Development of all Enfield rifles from the Pattern 1853 to the Ishapore 7.62mm. Includes P-1853, Snider, Martini-Henrys, "Long Lees," No. 1 (SMLE), No. 2 (.22 cal), No. 3 (P-14), No. 4, No. 5, and post-WWII rifles.

Photos of Enfield Rifles
Before you write to ask "What rifle do I have?" check here to see if you can find a picture that is similar to your rifle. For additional photos of earlier Enfield rifles, click on "Enfield-Related Web Sites" below.

Sources for Enfield Rifles and Parts
Reliable individuals and firms that carry Enfield rifles, parts, accessories, and accoutrements.

Enfield Questions Updated
Send in your questions about Enfield rifles, and we'll try our best to answer them. Be sure to include the word 'Enfield' in the subject line, or our SPAM filter may put your query in the waste can.

I'll be traveling until mid-April and only able to check e-mail once or twice a week. So there may be some delay in getting your questions answered.

Enfield-Related Web Sites
Links to Enfield-Related web sites that we have found interesting and useful.

Enfield Discussion Forums Updated
Discussion groups, bulletin boards, forums, and mailing lists dealing with Lee-Enfield rifles.

Enfield Articles
Technical articles and monographs by various Enfield Research Associates. Includes refurbishing and restoration, Santa Fe Enfields, valuation and appraisals, fakes and replicas, and several seldom-seen variants. (Click on a title to access the article.)

Enfields from Above
An interesting piece of Norway's Resistance history.

Refurbishing and Restoring Aging and Ailing Enfields
Give your old Enfield a new look. From The Enfield Collector's Digest.

"Santa Fe" Enfields
A look at Golden State Arms Corp and the various models of "Santa Fe" Enfields.

How Much Is It Worth?
Some answers (sort of) to the perennial question. Also, guidelines for getting an appraisal.

Fakes and Replicas
Rifles the British never made!

Pakistani (P.O.F.) No. 4 Rifles
A brief look at a rare and little heard-of Lee-Enfield rifle.

The E.A.L. Rifle
Another rare and little heard-of variation.

A Rare Find!
Perhaps the rarest of the rare.

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