Environmental, Social, Economic, and Human Dimensions

Copyright 2013 G.Moller All rights reserved Welcome to Principles of Sustainability. This online open course is a digital walkabout on the primary concepts, principles, and issues of sustainability. This course is intended for upper division or graduate level university students. Rather than lectures, the course has eight Chapters, each with several Parts that detail the Chapter topic area. This course is an experiment in PowerPoint-free courseware, and the course material is presented by over 40 information intensive HD doculecture episodes filmed on-location or in a studio. Over 100 filmmakers and scholars around the globe have contributed to this course. It is our target that the information intensity of these doculectures captures that of a well-developed university lecture, but with the dynamic sights and sounds of an HD documentary film to enhance learning and inspire students in the challenges ahead. All doculectures are downloadable to mobile devices. Our doculectures are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) License. Embedable and downloadable doculectures available at

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Sustainable development. Read current events articles on sustainable agriculture and sustainable living. How can sustainability be achieved?

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Simply put, a doculecture uses 21st Century media to create a university lecture experience with dynamic sights and sounds that draw the student into the subject matter. Optimized for stereo headphones and a darkened room, the intense experience is paced to engage and inspire.
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