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  1. build
  2. last updated
    2015, july
  3. release
  1. dependencies
    .NET 3.0
  2. dev status
    beta v0.15
  3. platform
    Windows 7+

Salmon Sim

2016. John W. Anderson, Roger Lew, Andrew Kliskey, Lilian Alessa.

The Salmon Sim project is a developed simulation which employs active learning through exploration and immersive experience to better understand the lifecycle, behavior, and habitat of the Alaska sockeye salmon. The currently phase of development has placed emphasis on spawning migration portion of their lifecycle.

In the beta release there are four scenes which provide an immersive and informative experience.

The first scene is the aquarium, where the player can choose
    and modify their fish.
In the second scene, the player runs a simulation on the
    Cook Inlet in Alaska changing variables such as commercial fishing and historical
    record year to observe the effects. The third stage finds a more intimate look
    at the individual fish as the player navigates dangers and environmental hazards
    as they make their way up the Russian River. In the final stage, players get to
    fight for the right to breed, and observe the different effects the environment
    plays in the escarpment population's final struggle.