Fundamental Concepts and Computations in Chemical Engineering
Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, 2017. ISBN-13:

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Everything you have always wanted to know about chemical engineering:

What is chemical engineering and what do chemical engineers do?
What is the role of chemical industry in a nation’s economy?
What do I have to study to become a chemical engineer?
What kinds of problems will I have to solve as a chemical engineer?
What solution techniques will I use?

Answers to all these and such questions in:

An Introductory text offering a clear perspective on the chemical engineering profession and

an exposure to the computational problems in different topical areas:

Written in a lucid style with logical arrangement of material with smooth transitions between topics to serve the needs of students ranging from basic to advanced levels of readiness

About the Author - Dr. Vivek Utgikar is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of

Idaho with extensive experience in teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels that includes

fundamental science as well basic and advanced engineering courses. He is currently the Associate

Dean of Research for the College of Engineering and has served as the Director of the Nuclear

Engineering Program.  Dr. Utgikar's Homepage

          College of Engineering       Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering