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The University of Idaho Ham Club is about creating a fun environment for learning amateur radio. We welcome any non-license and licensed students interested in learning about Ham radio, electronics, radio theory. We will be working side by side with the University and the surrounding community to help enrich your educational experience.

What is W7UQ?

W7UQ is an Amateur Radio Club at the University of Idaho, and is one of the oldest organizations on campus (dating back to 1929). Its goal is to provide a way for UI students, staff and faculty to become involved in ham radio.

We are a friendly club, and fairly active. Our members are interested in many facets of amateur radio. Including, but not limited to: APRS, VHF Contesting (CW, SSB), HF Contesting (CW, SSB, RTTY), HF DXing (CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31), ATV, and VHF FM.

What are W7UQ's Activities?

W7UQ Net - W7UQ operates a VHF FM net every Tuesday (except during summer & winter breaks) at 6:30pm local time on a repeater frequency of 146.700MHz with a negative offset and no PL tone. This repeater is known as the Paradise Ridge repeater, and is used courtesy of Joe Overstreet.

Contesting & DX - The W7UQ club station call sign is used for contests such as the Idaho QSO party, and in the future will be found in more contest logs. We also do DX work and exchanging of QSL cards and try to stay up to date with new technologies.

APRS Tracking - W7UQ regularly participates in tracking weather balloons equipped with APRS transmitters from the Vandal Atmospheric Science Team. We also hold workshops to get members up to speed on APRS tracking, and work with other amateur radio groups to become more knowledgeable about the APRS network.

Workshops - We're constantly trying to find something new to do, and are open to ideas. If you want to try something, please suggest it on the net or have information to present in a meeting. For a list of topics we have some interest in, see the workshops drop down menu at the top of the page.

Contest Participation

Summary as of 2008: The W7UQ station has not showed up on the air often over the past 2-3 years. But we are working to change that. Recently we have been able to repair our HF beam rotator so get use of our TH7 antenna. We have also created new wire antennas that can be set up quickly for portable operations, along with the acquisition of absorbed glass mat batteries and power-pole connectors to help standardize our power connections and simplify operations. The creation of a Wiki for the W7UQ club station is envisioned to provide students with an invaluable reference to ensure the club station is properly maintained and well exercised, and to motivate club members to try new things on the air. We are becoming more involved with contests to increase club activity beyond our weekly VHF nets, and hope to work more stations in the years to come.



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Local Clubs

There are many amateur radio clubs in the Moscow-Pullman area, and this section of our site has contact information for clubs that we are aware of:

Local Nets:

The following list is a compilation of known local nets for the Moscow and Pullman area.

Day Time Frequency Name/Purpose
Weekdays 05:45 146.740 Weather Net
Weekdays 07:00 146.740 Regional/International net
Weekdays 16:45 146.740 Weather Net
Tuesday 18:00 146.700 UI Ham Club Net (W7UQ)
Wednesday 19:00 146.740 KBARA Wednesday Evening Net
Wednesday 20:00 146.820 Northwest Tri-State General Checkin
Thursday 18:30 146.740 Whitman/Latah ARES
Thursday 19:30 146.820 Latah/Whitman ARES
Thursday 20:00 146.550 Simplex Palouse Hills Amateur Radio Club Net
Saturday 07:00 147.740 Stanley Steamer Net
Saturday 09:00 147.740 Northwest Swapnet - Portland (maybe)
Sunday 07:00 147.740 Roadrunners' Net
Sunday 22:00 147.740 Astronomy Net - Portland (maybe)

Local Repeaters

The following is a list of known local repeaters in the 2m and 70cm amateur radio bands. This list may be updated with information about expected repeater coverage in the future.

6m Repeaters

Frequency Input Location/Owner
53.35 51.65 Craig Mt. (Lewiston) / K7EI (CTCSS 110Hz)

VHF Repeaters

Frequency Offset Location/Owner
146.700 -600 Paradise Ridge/Moscow hams
146.740 -600 Kamiak Butte/KBARA
146.820 -600 Moscow Mt./NW Tri-State ARO
146.920 -600 Craig Mt. (Lewiston) / K7EI (CTCSS 110.9Hz)
146.960 -600 Lewiston/Lewis Clark ARC
147.080 +600 Coeur d'Alene
147.240 +600 Mica Mt. WA/See 146.820

UHF Repeaters

Frequency Offset PL Location/Owner
442.800 +5000 103.5Hz Moscow Mt./W7NGI
444.400 +5000 162.2Hz Lewiston/W7TRO
444.875 +5000 100.0Hz Orofino/K7EI (wide area linked)
444.900 +5000 100.0Hz Lewiston Hill/K7EI (wide area linked)
444.925 +5000 100.0Hz Craig Mt (Lewiston)/K7EI (wide area linked)
444.950 +5000 100.0Hz Cottonwood Butte/K7EI (wide area linked)
444.975 +5000 100.0Hz Moscow Mt./K7EI (wide area linked)

Repeater Links

Kamiak Butte Repeater (146.740MHz)
Located near Pullman, Wa this repeater is connected to the Evergreen Intertie which extends throughout the pacific northwest. It is also IRLP node 3957.
Moscow Mt. & Mica Mt. Repeater (146.820MHz/147.240MHz)
Located near Moscow, Id this repeater is linked to the Mica Mountain repeater near Spokane, Wa.
K7EI 6m VHF (53.35MHz/146.920MHz)
Located 20 miles south of Lewiston, Id this is a linked 6M/2M repeater at the same site on Craig Mt.
K7EI 70cm Repeaters (444.875MHz/444.900MHz/444.925MHz/444.950MHz/444.975MHz)
This is a wide area linked UHF repeater system by K7EI.

If you know of other local repeaters, or would like to add your own repeater to this list, feel free to do so and add a short description of changes to the edit page box.


We are located next to the steam plant on campus, and own many antennas and the tower located on the roof. Please contact club officers for more information about the club and our operations.

Map of the Ham Shack

Advisor: Jeff Kimberling (jeffk@uidaho.edu)
President: William Duncan KE7OVE (dunc8611@vandals.uidaho.edu)
Vice President: Zachary Hacker KF7VCP (zachhac@gmail.com)

Austin Cole KF7SIW
Brandon Jank K7BIZ
Erik Hines KL7DYS
Jeff Kimberling KD7PHG
Jim Kusznir K7LL
Jon Hanson KG7GJK

Mailing List:

W7UQ has a mailing list maintained by the University of Idaho ITS. To subscribe you can either send an email to w7uq@uidaho.edu or visit the following link. To manage your subscription and view archives please visit the University of Idaho W7UQ Mailing List.

Club Chat