Jeffrey A. Hicke

Department of Geography
307C McClure Hall
University of Idaho
Moscow, ID 83844-3021
jhicke [at]

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My broad interests are to understand the effects of global environmental change on ecosystems and plant and animal species. Humans impact the world around them through modifications of the composition of the atmosphere, changing land cover and land use, pollution of air and water, and invasive species. I study the response of plants and animals to these changes, with an emphasis on climate change impacts and influences on the carbon cycle. I am also interested in patterns, controlling factors, and effects of forest disturbance, particularly insect outbreaks and wildfire. My research incorporates a range of spatial scales, from plot to global, and temporal scales, from daily to century. I utilize a combination of tools including remote sensing, modeling (ecosystem and insect population), and field measurements to investigate these questions.


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Representative Publications (see CV for full list)

Xu, B., J. A. Hicke, and J. T. Abatzoglou, Drought and moisture availability and recent western spruce budworm outbreaks in the western United States, Forests, 10, 354, 2019.

Janousek, W. M., J. A. Hicke, A. J. H. Meddens, and V. J. Dreitz, The effects of mountain pine beetle outbreaks on avian communities in lodgepole pine forests across the greater Rocky Mountain region, Forest Ecology and Management, 444, 374-381, 2019.

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