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Department of Mathematics

University of Idaho

Phone: 208-885-6629



  • Sep 29 - Oct 4, 2015: I will visit Francois Monard at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.
  • Sep 10, 2015: I gave a talk on “Mathematics of Thermo-acoustic/Photo-acoustic Tomography” at the Math Colloquium, University of Idaho.
  • Jul 19-21, 2015: I visited Julianne Chung at Virginia Tech. We worked on algorithms for TAT with moving object.
  • Jul 12-17, 2105: I was an invited speaker at the workshop on “Computational and Analytical Aspects of Image Reconstruction,” ICERM, Brown University. My talk is titled “A new time-reversal technique for Thermo-acoustic Tomography in a Cavity.”
  • Jun 23-26, 2015: I visited the Computational Bioimaging Laboratory at the Washington University at St. Louis to work with Mark Anastasio and his group.
  • Jun 14-19, 2015: I was an invited speaker at the BIRS Workshop on “Hybrid Methods in Imaging”, Banff International Research Station, Canada. My talk is “On the artifacts in a limited data spherical Radon transform.
  • Jun 8-12, 2015: I was an invited speaker at the workshop on “Geometric Inverse Problems” at the Institute Henri Poincare, Paris, France. The title of my talk is “On the streak artifacts in limited angle computed X-ray tomography.
  • Jun 1-7, 2015: I visited the Applied Mathematics Group at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.
  • May 25-29, 2015: I was an invited speaker at the conference on “Applied Inverse Problems” in Helsinki, Finland. My talk is “On the artifacts in a limited data spherical mean transform” at the Special section on “Current developments in tomography: from theory to algorithms.

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