Team Leads

Part 1: Pong & Platformer

Note: Hand in Pong and the Platformer game on Canvas. Everything else I will look for on GIT
Note: You must complete the Pong assignment before you will be assigned to a team.
Part 1: Pong Assignment (Individual) Unity Tutorial 2021 Unity Tutorial 2020 Part 1b: Platformer Assignment (Group) Platformer marking key

Part 2: Systems Analysis

Note: Hand in on GIT
Note: You must complete ALL portions of the Systems Analysis before you begin coding.
Presentation Storyboard - Not the storyboard you have to make. This is a storeybord of the presentation itself to show you what I am expecting. SA Presentation marking key Storyboard marking key RFP Assignment Champion Assignment Gantt and Pert Assignment

Part 3: Individual Development

Weekly Status Report marking key Team Leads Patterns

Part 4: Ethics

Ethics Quiz Study Guide

Part 5: Oral Exam

Oral Exam Oral Exam marking key and prework Oral Exam marking key and prework - Word Format. (Hand in via Canvas.)

Part 6: Agile:

Post Mortem Presentation Post Mortem marking key

Lecture Notes



Class/Sequence Diagram

RFP/SA Presentation

Oral Exam Tecnical Requirements


After the Oral Exams

Student's Choice - Links chosen by you

"This channel has tutorials on pretty much anything you could want to do in Unity and he is amazingly clear and concise with his explanations."

"Here are two QR readers that I found. One for chrome and the other firefox."