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The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)  Patient Placement Criteria (ASAM PPC-2R), the most widely used and comprehensive national guidelines for placement, continued stay and discharge of patients with alcohol and other drug problems.  It focuses on patients who have substance-related disorders but also includes information for individuals also having mental disorders as well (dual diagnosis clients). 

The ASAM PPC-2R provides two sets of guidelines, one for adults and one for adolescents, and five broad levels of care for each group. The levels of care are: Level 0.5, Early Intervention; Level I, Outpatient Treatment; Level II, Intensive Outpatient/Partial Hospitalization ;Level III, Residential/Inpatient Treatment; and Level IV, Medically-Managed Intensive Inpatient Treatment. Within these broad levels of service is a range of specific levels of care.

For each level of care, a brief overview of the services available for particular severities of addiction and related problems is presented; as is a structured description of the settings, staff and services, and admission criteria for the following six dimensions: acute intoxication/withdrawal potential; biomedical conditions and complications; emotional, behavioral or cognitive conditions and complications; readiness to change; relapse, continued use or continued problem potential; and recovery environment.  The diagnostic information used in the ASAM PPC-2R  is also consistent with the DSM-IV

For this class, a crosswalk is provided below.  However, if you plan to enter the field, this text is a must purchase because it clarifies everything in the crosswalk.  .  The cost is about $75 - $90.  It can be purchased at the ASAM Publications Distribution Center at 1-800-844-8948.

To use the two PDFs, print both out and place them side by side.

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