Case Study - CLTS in Nigeria

Community-led total sanitation

The 2009 documentary short film, Health is Wealth - A Community Approach to Sanitation was produced by WaterAid and directed by Adam Beasley. The thirteen-minute film chronicles Water Aid and its partners piloting CLTS in impoverished villages in Benue State of Nigeria. Nigeria is the most densely populated country in Africa. Community leaders and local planners discuss the approach to education and the transformation of sanitary practices. Shot and edited with a compelling style that captures the hardship and joys of village life, a sense of community, and the promise of a more sustainable public health infrastructure, Health is Wealth documents a valuable case study of positive change in an arena of poverty and socio-cultural barriers to change. -GM

About the Filmmaker: Adam Beasley, a freelance Director, Camera Operator and Editor with numerous international production credits, currently lives in Dalston, East London. He works in broadcast, corporate, music and online video production and is employed by a myriad of companies large and small. Film used with permission.