Case Study - The Swedish Forestry Model

Using forest managment to combat climate change

trees an ground cover in a Swedish forest

"The Swedish forestry model is built on regenerating forests, so when the old forest is taken away a new forest is established. It is when the forest is young and middle aged that it grows most rapidly, hence absorbing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. By monitoring and using modern technology, forest experts indentify trees that should be harvested and trees that should be left behind." (European Environment Agency, 2010)

The film The Swedish Forestry Model is a part of the "Environmental Atlas of Europe" which is a joint project under European Environment Agency, UNEP and European Space Agency. The films present a series of inspirational stories about how people are responding to environmental change and in so doing, transforming their lives for a more sustainable future.

About the Film: The documentary short The Swedish Forestry Model (8:11) is about a sustainable forestry approach, which also increases CO2 absorption, to such an extent that Sweden in the near future can absorb double the amount of CO2 to what they do today. The film was produced for the European Environment Agency by Ace & Ace, a Danish registered film, photography and multimedia company. The film is used with permission.



(Photo credit: Esben Hardt, 2010)