UI Math Club




Pi Mu Epsilon - Idaho Alpha (UI) Chapter


Every semester, the Department of Mathematics at University of Idaho is organizing a Math Club, where fun activities related to mathematics take place in a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere. Every student and faculty member is invited to attend and participate, regardless of major/field of study. We are able to meet on average three times per semester; good student academic performance and fulfilling faculty job responsibilities are still the priority of every member of the UI community.

For all the meetings, FREE pizza and soft drinks are provided by the Math Department. Various prizes (such as the mug in the picture above) and other treats for different competitions and events held by the Math Club are also provided by the Department of Mathematics.

Math Club and Pi Mu Epsilon, with the help of the Math Department, are organizing the annual "Pi Day". Click this link for more information and past such events.

For contact and more information send a message to mathstat@uidaho.edu.

The Math Club is on Discord at https://discord.gg/RRcMYYDuCk (this link should work).

Spring 2023


·         Thursday, March 9, 2023: PI DAY! (poster)

Event starts at 3:14pm in ISUB, Summit Room (4th floor)

·         Tuesday, February 28, 2023: PARAMETERIZING CURVES WITH POLYNOMIALS – an interactive presentation by John Pawlina (poster)

4:30pm-6:00pm in TLC 149


Fall 2022


·         Thursday, November 3, 2022: MOVIE NIGHT: The Imitation Game (poster)

4:45pm-7:00pm in TLC 032

·         Wednesday, September 28, 2022: MATHEMATICAL SCAVENGER HUNT! (poster)

4:30pm-6:00pm in JEB 328

For math club events of previous years, please see here.

COMMITTEE for 2022-2023

Student Leadership: to be announced.

Faculty Advisors: Rob Ely, Mark Nielsen, Stefan Tohaneanu, Somantika Data, Manuel Welhan, Ben Ridenhour, Linh Nguyen