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Archived Data

Available files represent published datasets. See the Metadata tab on each file for more information. Although the data is freely available, all users of our data should properly acknowledge the source.

Parameter Site Period of Record Frequency
Tree DBH and Height All 1987-2016 Annual
Sugar Maple Leaf Litter C and N All 1994-2016 Annual
Control Plot Site Averages All 1988-2013 Annual
Daily Precipitation All 1987-2011 Annual
Leaf Phenology and Duration All 1988-2016 Annual
Soil Temperature and Moisture All 1988-2011 Daily
Stem Diameter and Height All 1987-2011 Annual
Litter Biomass, Leaf Area Index All 1988-2013 Annual
Litter Mass Remaining All 2011-2014 Various
Nitrogen Budget All 2004 Periodic
δ15N Budget B 2004 Periodic
Water Balance All 1988-2004 Monthly
Basal Area All 1987-2016 Annual
δ15N Turnover B 1994-2008 Annual
Ambient Plot Leaf Litter C, N, and δ15N All 1988-2007 Annual
Leaf Litter δ13C and δ18O All 1988-2007 Annual
Canopy Tower Leaf Gas Exchange, Size, and Chemistry B 2006-2007 Biweekly (Seasonal)
Excised Branch Leaf Gas Exchange, Size, and Chemistry All 2006-2007 Seasonal
Leaf Litter S Ca Al Mg B K concentrations All 1987-2005 Annual (Periodic)
Sugar Maple Seedling Abundance All 2008-2010 Seasonal
Soil Respiration All 1994, 1998-2005, 2009-2013 Biweekly (Seasonal)
Root Respiration All 1994-2003, 2009 Various
Root Biomass All 1994, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2009 Annual

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