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Class Schedule/Deliverables & Project Information (at bottom)


Summer 2022 - General Sessions in EP 214

Date Day Topic/Deliverable Summer only Deliverables
6/13 M GENERAL SESSION #1 (EP 214) - Course Overview and Schedule
                     Project Options & Project Bid Portfolios
6/14 Tu GENERAL SESSION #2 (EP 214) - Engineering Logbooks/Portfolios
                     Resources Available to Build Prototypes
                     Purchasing Procedures
                     Shop Tour (Grad mentors)
DUE: Project Bid Portfolio (submit in Canvas)
DUE: Project Bid Portfolio (submit in Canvas)
6/15 W GENERAL SESSION #3 (EP 214) - Team Formation & Contract
         Safety Protocols (EHS)
         Communication Expectations
         Breakout Team Mtgs - Client Interview Plan
DUE:  Team Name
DUE: Team Name
6/16 Th GENERAL SESSION #4 (EP 214) - *Client Inteviews* *Client Inteviews*
6/21 Tu GENERAL SESSION #5 (EP 214) - Product Development Process
    Lecture: Objective Statement & Product Requirements
                 Value Proposition
DUE: Completed Team Contract (in Portfolio) - Template
DUE: Team Contract 

*Begin Concept Brainstorming and Evaluation*
6/22-23 W-Th Instructor/Team Meetings
DUE: Client Interview done
by 6/23 Th *Begin Concept Brainstorming and Evaluation* DUE: Project Definition:
 - Prod. Req. Doc.

      Templates (Word), (Excel)
 - Value Proposition
6/27 M GENERAL SESSION #6 (EP 214) - Team Presentations
              (5 min overview of Project Definition)

     Lecture:  Project Scheduling and Management
                   Budgeting and Budget Tracking
                   Design Validation Plan (DVP)
DUE: Project Definition (in Portfolio), including:
   - Product Requirements Doc. (PRD) -
Templ. (Word), (Excel)
   - Project Value Proposition
Team Presentations
(Project Definition)

6/28-7/30 Tu-Th Instructor/Team Meetings DUE: Project Plan:
 - Project Schedule
 - Budget (Template)
 - DVP (Template)
7/5 Tu Instructor/Team Meetings:
DUE: Project Plan (in Portfolio), including:
        - Project Schedule - with Summer/Fall work-breakdown
         (Gantt Template)
        - DRAFT Budget - For Summer & Fall- (Budget Template)
        - Design Validation Plan (DVP) - Template
*Concept Evaluation should be completed by this point*

7/8 Th Client/Instructor/Team Meetings
*Concept Evaluation should be completed by this point*
7/11 M GENERAL SESSION #7 (EP 214) - Snapshot Day #1
Team Presentations (10 min overview of Project + Q&A)
Lecture: Design Review Expecations
DUE: Logbook (w/review form)
(pdf file in Canvas)
        ePortfolio (email link to lead instructor)

Snapshot Day #1

Logbooks (form)
7/12-7/14 Tu-Th Instructor/Team Meetings *Rapid Prototyping*
7/18 M GENERAL SESSION #8 (EP 214) - Design Reviews
  - NASA Cryo- Tensile (Zoom)
  - 3S Trailer Suspension
DUE: Design Review -
Template (
7/19-7/21 Tu-Th Instructor/Team Meetings
*Rapid Prototyping*
7/25 M GENERAL SESSION #9 (EP 214) - Design Review
  - Bike e-Tractor (Zoom)
DUE: Concept Design Review (w/client & lead instructor) -
Lecture:  Snapshot #2 Expectations & Technical Presentations
7/26-7/28 Tu-Th Instructor/Team Meetings  
8/1 - 8/3 M-W Instructor/Team Meetings
*Snapshot preparation*
8/4 Th GENERAL SESSION #10 - Snapshot Day #2
  11:30 am -12:20 pm (EP 214) Technical Presentations
  12:30 - 1:00 pm (GJ 108) Storyboard Presentations
DUE: Storyboard/Poster
Snapshot Day #2 (Storyboard and 20 min Techn. Present.)
DUE: Storyboard/Poster
Technical Present.
by 8/5 Fr DUE: ePortfolio (email link to instructor),
        Team Member Citizenship, and
        Logbook (w/review form)
(all by 5:00 pm to lead instructor)
DUE: Portfolio,
Team Member Citizenship,
Final HW & SW, Design Report, Work Area Checkout, Electronic Files

Fall 2022 (Renfrew 125)
Date Day Topic/Deliverable
8/23 Tu GENERAL SESSION #1 (RENF 125) - Semester Schedule                                         Engineering Release Review Expectations
                               Scheduling Weekly Instructor/Team/Mentor Meetings
by 9/2 Fr DUE: Apply for Fall Graduation (if applicable)
by 9/23 Fr DUE: Engineering Release Review (with client & lead instructor) - (Rubric)
10/11 Tu GENERAL SESSION #2 (Zoom Breakout Rooms) - Snapshot Day #3
10/13 Th DUE: Logbook (w/review form) & Portfolio (to your lead instructor)
11/18 Fr DUE: Team Member Citizenship Assessment (to your lead instructor)
11/29 Tu GENERAL SESSION #3 (RENF 125) - Snapshot Day/EXPO Expectations
                                               End-of-Course Deliverables
12/2 Fr GENERAL SESSION #4 (GJ 108) - Snapshot Day #4 (Posters - 8:30 - 10:15 am)
                                (Zoom) - Technical Presentations (10:30 am - 11:00 am)
       => Design Suite set-up (if applicable) Thursday afternoon or Friday morning
    Final Hardware/Software Prototype (approved by client and lead instructor)
    Design Report & Project Portfolio (approved by lead instructor)
    Work Area Check-Out (approved by staff member in charge of your work area)
    Electronic Archive/File Management (approved by lead instructor)

Project Teams - Summer 2022
Hyperlinks include project descriptions
No. Sponsor - Project Description

Design Review Time/Location
Group email,
Team Members
Lead Instructor Grad Student Mentor
1 NASA ISGC - Cryo-Tensile Testing Load Frame
(Summer only)
N Tyler Benjamin
Lauren Perla
Vincent Russo
Jacob Stubbers
2 3S - Smart Air Suspension System
(Summer only)
Y Emaline Lawler
Luis Maldonado
Nathaniel Pearson
Hayden Wakkinen
3 VentureWell & Invent Idaho - 3-wheeled Bicycle e-Tractor
N Troy Hanes
Adrian Mejia
Jose Mendoza