PI: Dr. Amin Mirkouei


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) v0.01

An open-source software for LCA and sustainability assessment.

Contact us with your comments, questions, and feedback. Also, we will be happy to share our codes.


Getting started:

  • Manuals, case studies, and databases are available here.


    Name of the project, Name and Email:



    Phase 1. Goal and scope definition:

  • Define your goal, scope, system boundary, functional unit, and case study assumptions down here:

  • Objective selection
  • -----------------------------------

    Phase 2. Life cycle inventory (LCI):






    Phase 3. Life cycle impact assessment (LCIA):

  • Calculation method



    Phase 4. Results and Interpretation:

    Case Study Result :

    Proposed Study Result :


  • Analyzing the results and comparison

  • Generating a PDF report



    1. Amin Mirkouei initially came up with this idea for his sustainability class. He is contributing to the structure (phases), mathematical modeling, and web development.
    2. Justin Walters has contributed to the method development for social LCA.
    3. George Makrakis is contributing to the web development.

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