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Fall 2007 back to top

Howell V4 Engine, Fall 2007, Solidworks



Offenhauser Engine, Spring 2007, Solidworks



Spring 2008 back to top

Howell V4 Engine, Spring 2008, CATIA V5



Howell V-Twin, Spring 2008, CATIA V5



Strutt Epicyclic Clock, Spring 2008, CATIA V5



Hybrid FSAE Car, Spring 2008, CATIA V5

Summer 2008 back to top

IdeaWorks Room Render


University of Idaho Administration Building Clock


Idaho Engines


Fall 2008 back to top

International Design Project, Fall 2008, CATIA V5


3D Machine Plan Standard, Fall 2008, CATIA V5

3D Assembly, Fall 2008, CATIA V5

Haas Model, Fall 2008, CATIA V5

Spring 2009 back to top

Engineering Lounge Room Rendering, Spring 2009, CATIA V5


(Click images for video walkthroughs (.wmv))

Mindworks Room Redesign, Spring 2009, CATIA V5


NC Lathe Workbench, Spring 2009, CATIA V5

Wiring Workbench, Spring 2009, CATIA V5

Injection Molding Workbench, Spring 2009, CATIA V5

CATIA Operators Exchange (COE) Presentations, Spring 2009, CATIA V5 and DELMIA

  • A CATIA Approach to Floor Plan Architecture (ZIP File)
  • Use of PLM Tools in Formula Car Design, Analysis, and Fabrication (ZIP File)
  • 3D Manufacturing and Assembly (ZIP File)
  • Part Family Machining (ZIP File)

Summer 2009 back to top

GJ114 Room Redesign, Summer 2009, CATIA V5



CNC Lathe Simulation, Summer 2009, CATIA V5

Hydraulic Workbench, Summer 2009, CATIA V5

Howell V4 Engine Kinematics, Summer 2009, CATIA V5

Fall 2009 back to top

Generative Shape Design Workbench, Fall 2009, CATIA V5

Advanced Rendering Tutorials, Fall 2009, CATIA V5 and Rhino

Wireframe Workbench Tutorials, Fall 2009, CATIA V5

International Design Project - LEGO, Fall 2009, CATIA V5

Spring 2010 back to top

ASME Lounge, Spring 2010, CATIA V5


FSAE Car Ergonomics, Spring 2010, CATIA V5

CATIA Optimization, Spring 2010, CATIA V5

CATIA Pressure FEA, Spring 2010, CATIA V5

DELMIA Assembly Simulation, Spring 2010, CATIA V5

CNC Lathe Simulation, Spring 2010, CATIA V5

Tool Catalog, Spring 2010, CATIA V5

Fall 2010 back to top

International Design Project, Fall 2009, CATIA V5

Kibbie Dome Inside Redesign, Fall 2010, CATIA V5

Inside a Piano, Fall 2010, CATIA V5


Tensegrity Platform, Fall 2010, CATIA V5

Spring 2011 back to top

Adams - Car Tutorial, Spring 2011, CATIA V5

Star-CCM and CATIA Interface with modeFRONTIER, Spring 2011, CATIA V5

Kibbie Dome Outside Redesign, Spring 2011, CATIA V5


Fall 2011 back to top

"BandBeesten" Marching Band Bongo Carriage, Fall 2011, CATIA V5


Metrology Lab Redesign, Fall 2011, CATIA V5


Opposed Piston Engine, Fall 2011, CATIA V5


Suspension Kinematics, Fall 2011, CATIA V5


Spring 2012 back to top

International Design Lego Crane, Spring 2012, CATIA V5


Lionel Hampton Music Building Redesign, Spring 2012, CATIA V5


ME 330 Lab Redesign, Spring 2012, CATIA V5


Rotary Valve Engine, Spring 2012, CATIA V5


Hybrid Car Interactive Visualization, Spring 2012, CATIA V5


Application of Generative Shape Design, Spring 2012, CATIA V5


VTD Bookend Machining Project, Spring 2012, CATIA V5



Fall 2012 back to top

Gauss Johnson Computing Lab Remodel, Fall 2012, CATIA V5


Grasshopper Clock, Fall 2012, CATIA V5


HAAS 4th Axis Tutorials, Fall 2012, CATIA V5

Lego Millenium Falcon, Fall 2012, CATIA V5


V8 Scorpion Engine, Fall 2012, CATIA V5


YZ250 Packaging Device, Spring 2012, CATIA V5


Spring 2013 back to top

EP Lecture Hall Redesign, Spring 2013, CATIA V5


Fluent Analysis with CATIA, Spring 2013, CATIA V5

Free Style Sketching, Spring 2013, CATIA V5


Magnetic Gear Clock, Spring 2013, CATIA V5


Examples of Using Rhino Rendering Engine, Spring 2013, CATIA V5


Skeleton Clock, Spring 2013, CATIA V5


Wright J5 Radial Engine, Spring 2013, CATIA V5

Engine w/ backdrop <link>   Planetary assembly <link> Engine on stand <link>

Fall 2013 back to top

DMU Walking Machine, Fall 2013, CATIA V5


Simplex Engine, Fall 2013, CATIA V5


International LEGO, Fall 2013, CATIA V5


Machine Shop Virtualization, Fall 2013, CATIA V5


Remington Model 700, Fall 2013, CATIA V5


Stress Visualization, Fall 2013, CATIA V5


Spring 2014  back to top

Boxer Engine, Spring 2014, CATIA V5 


IQ Station Cave Virtualization, Spring 2014, CATIA V5 


CREO Clock, Spring 2014, CATIA V5 

Desktop Clock, Spring 2014, CATIA V5 


FANO Arm Metrology, Spring 2014, CATIA V5

FHSAE Rendering, Spring 2014, CATIA V5


Kibbie Dome Expansion, Spring 2014, CATIA V5


LEGO Stop Motion, Spring 2014, CATIA V5

Fall 2014 back to top

FEA Analysis of Bolt Assembly, Fall 2014, CATIA V5    


MAERSK Supership (International Lego Project), Fall 2014, CATIA V5


Bandbeesten with Maniken Animation, Fall 2014, CATIA V5


Modeling Braces and Dental Forces, Fall 2014, CATIA V5


Optics and Ray Tracing, Fall 2014, CATIA V5     

Sheet Metal Design, Fall 2014, CATIA V5     

Spring 2015  back to top

FHSAE Wiring Harness Design, Spring 2015, CATIA V5 

Engineering Physics Addition (Architectual Study), Spring 2014, CATIA V5 


YZ250 Repackaging, Spring 2015, CATIA V5 


Lego CNC Mill Designs, Spring 2015, CATIA V5 


RHINO Rendering Study, Spring 2015, CATIA V5


Fall 2015  back to top

4th Axis Lego CNC Rebuild, Fall 2015, CATIA V5 


Airfoil Design and Testing, Fall 2015, CATIA V5 


International Catia Lego Project, Fall 2015, CATIA V5 


Magnetic Gear Clock Machining, Fall 2015, CATIA V5 


Two Stroke Engine, Fall 2015, CATIA V5 


Vertical Storage System Design, Fall 2015, CATIA V5 


Sig Barrel Analysis, Fall 2015, CATIA V5 


Spring 2016  back to top

Landscape Architecture with CATIA, Spring 2016, CATIA V5 


EP103 Redesign, Spring 2016, CATIA V5 


EP103 Redesign (.pptx)

Lego Mindstorm, Spring 2016, CATIA V5 


Lego Mindstorm (.pptx)

Magnetic Gear Clock Machining, Spring 2016, CATIA V5 


Gear Clock Machining (.pptx)

Scope Impact Tester Spring 2016, CATIA V5 


Scope Impact Tester (.pptx)

Spine Modeling, Spring 2016, CATIA V5 


Spine Modeling (.pptx)

Diesel Engine, Spring 2016, CATIA V5 


Diesel Engine (.pptx)

Clean Snowmobile Suspension, Spring 2016, CATIA V5 


CSC Suspension (.pptx)

Fall 2016 back to top

Drain Pan Welding Jig, CATIA V5 


Drain pan (.pptx)

ME 301 Anzani Engine, CATIA V5 


Anzani Engine (.pptx)

Exoskeleton Modeling and FEA, CATIA V5 


Exoskeleton (.pptx)

Integrated Rocket-Ramjet Video, CATIA V5 


Rocket-Ramjet (.pptx)

Handheld Scanner Video Tutorial and Wiki 


Also available at MindWorks Wiki

Scanner (.pptx)

Spring 2017 back to top

Using Abaqus with CATIA, CATIA V5 


Abaqus/CATIA (.pptx)

GJ120 Redesign, CATIA V5 


GJ 120 (.pptx)

IRR Version 2, CATIA V5 


Integrated Rocket Ramjet (.pptx)

ME 301 Whippet Engine, CATIA V5 


Whippet Engine (.pptx)

Steam Plant Modeling, CATIA V5 


Steam Plant (.pptx)

GJ 115 Desk/Monitor Solution, CATIA V5 


Ultrawide Monitor (.pptx)

Summer 2017 back to top

Morgan Aero Surface Modeling

Realistic CPU Block Visualization


CPU Block Presentation (.pptx) 

Realistic Fish Tank Animation


Fish Tank Angled (.avi) 

Sousaphone Design



Studley Tool Chest


Wincap Simulation

Wincap Presentation (.pptx)

Wincap Simulation (.avi) 

Fall 2017 back to top

Climbing Equipment Analysis

Drone Project

Drone Project Documentation

Elbow Rehabilitation Device

FEA BandBeesten


Kinematic LEGO Project


Lamborghini Gallardo


ME 301 Tractor Project



Shelby GT 500




Snowmobile Surface Modeling


Spring 2018 back to top

Boll-Aero 18 Engine


Catia Certification


Hawk 40 Glow Plug Engine


Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing in Catia



Honda CRV 2000 Surfacing

Lego Mindstorm

SolidWorks Flow Simulation



Fall 2018 back to top

CATIA vs. Abaqus Finite Element Analysis Comparison

PPT Presentation



Antikythera Rendering



Bomber Surfacing


ppt presentation

Image result for b3 bomber


Finite Element Analysis

ppt presentation



Shoe Surface Modeling




CRICRI Aircraft Wing

ppt presentation

Image result for cri cri aircraft


Surface Modeling Cessna 180 Skywagon

ppt presentation



Renders and Modeling Dr. Robertson's Mechanics Lab





Spring 2019 back to top

CATIA vs. Solidworks Finite Element Analysis Comparison

ppt presentation

Arch Guitar

ppt presentation

De Haviland Engine

ppt presentation

9-Cylinder Radial Engine

ppt presentation

Bullet Drop

ppt presentation



Fall 2019 back to top

3D Scanning moped




Formula 1 front Wing


Gear Design Table

ppt presentation

LEGO Crame

ppt presentation

Rotary Engine



Spring 2020 back to top

301 Project


Kona Process 153 AL


Computer Desk


Design Suit


3D-Printed Smart Filter


Folding Knife




data center